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Pure Italian craftsmanship
Pure Italian craftsmanship

Our mission is to provide the most sophisticated collections of curtains and furnishing accessories, created through skilful Italian craftsmanship and innovative technologies, the use of premium materials and a wide variety of luxury finishes.

Chicca Orlando collections, hand crafted by our tailors, become a tribute to the art and craftsmanship of know-how, revisiting the typical sophisticated Italian home style with a new twist. Solutions that appeal to lovers of beauty, who are looking for exclusive, eclectic solutions, in search of excellence, elegance and timeless artisanal craftsmanship.

We provide a complete lifestyle experience, with attention to the smallest details that express the aristocratic essence of an iconic and sophisticated style that blends tradition and modernity, and emotion and craftsmanship, and brings the beauty of “suspended art” to everyday life.

The art of creating

Unceasing experimentation with fabrics is the cornerstone of the utmost refinement of the materials, such that the raw, silk shantung, linen, organza, tulle and velvet, which are embellished and contoured with exclusive embroidery, become “something else” by feeding on art, creativity and design.

All our collections are conceived to provide a wide range of options and are updated year after year, becoming an expression of a pioneering, daring entrepreneurial spirit, of an innovative, contemporary furnishing design that aims to bring the beauty of art into the intimacy of everyday spaces.

Research into volumes and stylistic codes, inspired by a diverse array of artistic languages, in particular architecture and design, give shape to the splendour and magnificence of a style and output that is exclusively Made in Italy.

In our handcrafted creations, the highest standards of tailoring are combined with a choice of exclusively produced premium fabrics in a variety of colours.

Our aim is to use our creations to deliver a unique vision of a contemporary lifestyle. An expressive arena where extreme luxury meets the uniqueness and timeless beauty of the creations, an all-embracing living philosophy that combines class, elegance and quality, creating exclusive moods with unique charm.

A skilfully developed furnishing concept combining design and evocative shapes, by means of premium materials, exquisite upholstery and glamour-inspired colours.

The top-level design, the masterful craftsmanship and the exquisite nature of the collections are expressions of a unique, sophisticated and exclusive “art de vivre” that becomes a true philosophy of habitation. 

The objective is to create truly emotional living spaces and stylistically harmonious scenarios that allow those who inhabit them to feel part of the world of Chicca Orlando.

Curtains, furniture and furnishing accessories that define innovative arrangement paradigms, where the beauty of the collections, extreme luxury and excellence embody the best of Made in Italy and our culture of craftsmanship.
Custom-made beauty
Our experience allows us exceptional versatility in working on extremely diverse projects, where each individual space can be addressed with a customised solution.
Custom-made beauty

Each creation is hand-sewn and hand-finished to meet different requirements, to create unique products in accordance with the “custom made philosophy”.

The customisation process begins with an analysis of each environment to examine its specifications and features, and includes a customised dimensional adaptation of the design, a colour analysis, investigation and insertion of finishes that are not present in mass production, all the way up to the full creation of the project, while in continual communication with the customer.

This gives rise to curtains with heights of up to 11 metres or furnishing accessories that echo stylistic and architectural design codes already present in the surrounding spaces.

The objective is to achieve full customisation with a view to consistency, continuity and enhancement of environments.

Made in Italy Certification

All items come with a unique label certifying their genuine authenticity. Authenticity may also be verified on the high-quality fabrics by means of an embroidered logo. Inside, or on the back of each item, a metal label is applied as a further guarantee of item authenticity.

Chicca Orlando has been awarded a “100% Made in Italy” certificate, which is only issued following an investigation and verification process by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers.

Items certified according to “IT01 100% Original Italian Quality” system must be:

  • entirely manufactured in Italy;
  • created using semi-finished Italian products;
  • constructed from high-quality, natural materials;
  • created using the company’s exclusive designs and planning;
  • constructed using traditional Italian artisanal craftsmanship.

The Institute has certified that Chicca Orlando items meet the requirements of the IT 01 100% Italian Quality system (IT001 100% Italian quality). All manufactured items are assigned a distinctive mark in accordance with this certificate, as well as an identification number guaranteeing the item traceability.

Certification is carried out in compliance with all standards required by Italian law.

Our collections are entirely ‘Made in Italy’, the result of the craftsmanship of our skilled curtain tailors, compliance with quality standards and flawless finishing.