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Suspended art
Each of our creations springs from the genuine desire to bring the beauty of art into people’s homes: “suspended art” between light and shadow, in the soft folds of velvet, in the translucency of tulle, in the radiance of satin, in the sophistication of embroidery, inlays and craftsmanship. In the care we put into creating each individual piece in our collections.

Because art is what inspires and guides us each and every day, suspended as we are between emotion and craftsmanship, ever in search of the day-to-day beauty that enriches our lives, at the very core of its intimate nature.

Our collections are the result of harmonious and balanced research, from shapes to perspectives, and décors to arrangements. The quest for premium materials and the design of enchanting atmospheres stitch together unique, exquisite elements with passion and dedication.
Pure luxury frescoes that blend classical art, expert Italian craftsmanship and unique design into dazzling arrangements, finished in minute detail, for an unforgettable overall visual impact.

We work alongside our tailors each day to create new atmospheres based on what excites us, on the styles that influence us and that drive us forward in our quest for fabrics, embroidery, inventing details, and experimenting with new ways of turning our passion into elegance, care, and harmony.
With all the taste and craftsmanship know-how in the region where we were raised and of which we are an expression.

Our history
It is in the overwhelming beauty of Southern Italy, in the charm of timeless locations where profound harmony and a shared value reign supreme, that our company was established in 1950, as a small family business with an artisanal soul and very deep historical and geographical roots.
Our history

In the medieval alleyways of Casarano, a small southern town, the song of the Salento tailors, who worked unceasingly and with great zeal until sunset, was carried on the wind. It is here that we have created an entrepreneurial outreach that places at the core of its mission the traditional heritage of artisanal tailoring and the pursuit of beauty as constituent and foundational values.

Combining the ancient and the modern, innovation and tradition, and interpreting eternal themes of beauty and style with a contemporary twist, have been the guidelines for our ongoing, uninterrupted and inexhaustible creation of art.

As the creators of an entrepreneurial success story with an international scope, we have acquired a leading position in the textile and furnishing sector, conferring on our brand a solid identity as a symbol of luxury, prestige and excellence of Made in Italy all over the world.


In this triumph of beauty, the creativity of our tailors explodes each day in the company’s bustling workshops. Their work is the result of each individual’s inner qualities, their technical skills and their extraordinary vocation for know-how, in the creation of something splendid, unique and unrivalled. Enhancing and honouring human capital is at the core of our corporate sensibility and of a philosophy that has long been oriented towards the concept of intrinsic quality and “humanistic undertaking” as an extended family.

Alongside Annarita Micaletto, the company’s founder and sole director, are her daughters Manuela and Federica in charge of creative and commercial management, and husband Donato in charge of internationalisation processes and strategic and operational marketing.

The charm of this grand family history has been handed down for generations by an uncompromising desire to give the company a human face, and a warmth and drive, which furnishes the enterprise with a soul.

In the historical and artistic grandeur of Lecce’s Baroque, in the stillness of centuries-old olive trees, and in the vastness of the sea stretching majestically along the coasts of extreme southern Italy, our creations celebrate the need to express to the world the essence of an age-old, unparalleled and magnificent artistry: tailoring.
Our Values

Life is made up of moments, it immortalises them, renders them unique through shapes and artistic manifestations that are different each time. This is indeed what makes life man’s greatest masterpiece.

Chicca Orlando conveys the grandeur of its craft with each collection to the point of turning it into a timeless masterpiece.


Our hallmark is excellence.
Chicca Orlando's success is down to the extraordinary characters involved in the business, but it is also the result of an uncompromising standard of quality at all stages in production.


We create and we innovate. From the instant we conceive of an idea, we courageously embark on a journey with dedication and ambition to bring it to life, as a pathway to beauty, to lead tradition into the future.


Our quest for quality drives us to the highest levels of commitment, passion and personal responsibility.
We do business ethically, honestly, with integrity and compassion, but most importantly with a great deal of passion and pride for the tradition and craftsmanship of the Made in Italy brand where our roots lie.