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ALLURE Model 73

Blue and beige curtains

ALLURE Model 73

Clean-cut formality

For the Allure 73 curtain collection, too, clean and rigorous lines create spaces with an elegant, sophisticated contemporary design. Diamonds and squares, interlaced and embroidered with special solid stitching, alternate shimmering lurex yarns and lustrous viscoses.

Velvet coated with lurex foil provides lustre and three-dimensionality to the arrangement which, even for this variation in hues of blue and beige, is a very elegant and clean-cut design.

ALLURE Model 73

The velvet coated with lurex foil and the embroideries provide lustre and a three-dimensional effect to the arrangement.

Elegant, clean-cut formality for the Allure 73 curtains, with its embroidery in hues of blue and beige.