CHLOE Model 08

Pink satin curtains

CHLOE Model 08

Satin and spring flowers

Elegant and romantic, the Chloe curtain collection is inspired by the beauty of a blossoming spring, calling to mind its most sweet aspects – flowers, butterflies and a gentle lightness, which it reproduces through its double embroidered tulle, framed by a satin in soft, delicate colours.

And it is the floating, embroidered flowers adorning the satin, in hues of pink and white, that add an elegant and dynamic aspect to the entire arrangement, making it ideal for feminine, romantic environments.

CHLOE Model 08

Delicate embroidered flowers in shades of pink and white gently adorn the satin, providing a great sense of lightness.

Elegant and romantic, the Chloe curtain collection brings the dynamism of spring into the home.