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CHLOE Model Nastro

Curtains with butterflies and Swarovski

CHLOE Model Nastro

Like butterflies in springtime

Springtime, in all its elegant beauty, typifies the Chloe collection of curtains – romantic and sophisticated, they redesign the space, bringing light and lightness into the environment with their mint green and white hues.

Springtime fragrances waft over delicate stems, while radiant butterflies adorned with Swarovski pieces and tiny fluttering flowers lightly rest on the tulle and the curtain rail, creating an elegant, graceful-looking arrangement.

CHLOE Model Nastro

Spring fragrances waft over delicate stems and bright butterflies adorned with exquisite Swarovski crystals.

Romantic and sophisticated, Chloe curtains redesign the space bringing light and lightness into the environment.