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Satin and velvet curtains


French 18th century

Etoile is the revered interpreter of 18th century luxury, portrayed via imposing, highly sophisticated decoration.

The tulle is inlaid by hand with delicate, lustrous velvet, which lends three-dimensionality to the generously proportioned yet light and sophisticated decoration.

The long, draped curtain drape, which echoes of a French-era model, and the corner embroidered with velvet inlays on satin, give the composition a luxurious, unprecedented look, conceived for those who wish to relive all the grace of the atmosphere of the era.


The embroidered corner with velvet inlays on satin accentuates the luxurious and sophisticated look of the collection.

The elegance and lightness of arrangement of the French 18th century is revived in this collection of satin and velvet curtains.